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There are 5 major sleep benefits with ELITE ? 


1.It Provides Reduced Partner Disturbance.

Elite mattress is engineered to include pocket coil technology for which provides significant reduction of partner disturbance. Pocket coils are engineered to be encased such that it responds independently to pressure. This means when you or your partner move while sleeping, your mattress will adjust to your sleeping position by independently responding to your body needs. This feature is so beneficial as it allows both of you to sleep more soundly all night long!



2. It Provides Reduced Partner Disturbance.

Elite each pocket coil responds individually to the contours of the human body, allowing them to fill into the gaps of your sleeping position. This gives  the best adjustment for your sleeping position, enhancing your comfort by reducing pressure points while ensuring the ultimate posturizing support.




3.It Provides  Optimal Comfort. 

Elite mattress includes fabric encased coils  and it is their ability to minimize pressure points for premium comfort.



4.It has Enhanced Durability

The fabric encased coils are more durable than simple innerspring designs in the past. This pocketed coil design enables most pocketed coil units to last longer than many other traditional mattress types.

Elite mattress is much more unique than other pocket coil mattress because it includes fabric encasement around the pocket coils. In general, the fabric encasement of the pocketed coils provides an additional layer of protection for the springs inside so your bed provides longer lasting comfort and support. The comfort layers above the pocketed coils tend to last longer inside a pocketed coil bed as well. This provides you with a more durable and longer lasting mattress! 



5.It Provides Cooler Sleep

Pocketed coils enable air to flow through the bed, creating a cooler sleep surface throughout the night. This creates a cooler sleep surface for deeper, more relaxing sleep. Cooler sleep tends to allow your body to cool down and provide you with the highest level of comfort! 


What Makes ELITE Technology The Ultimate Mattress?










Zone Pocket Coil

It is designed according to the human body shape to match different support needs in certain areas: head, neck, shoulders, hip, back and legs.

Pocket coil gives you 5 major sleep benefits such as: reduced partner disturbance, complete support, optimal support, enhanced durability and cooler sleep!





High Density Pure Foam

Support and comfort while eliminating pressure points 




Wool Blend Hollow Polyester Fibers

Breathable soft touch feel is designed to intensify both air flow and moisture helping to promote balanced temperature at the sleep surface.




Foam Encasement In Pocket Coil

360 Degree Edge Support Foam Encasement Provides A Greater Stability, A Comfortable Firm Sitting Edge, And Reduces Motion Transfer Across The Sleep Surface





Sleep With 5 Years Warranty!




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